Available courses

    The aim of the module Information about Autism is to provide an understanding of how autism spectrum disorder presents, its characteristics and how it can impact on individuals in different aspects of their life and how it can persist across the lifespan. There are many myths and stereotypes about Autism. This module aims to present factual information about Autism and its presentation.

    This workshop aims at describing the use of appropriate academic strategies and environmental supports to promote a successful training session for a student with ASD. The guide includes a variety of approaches to help physical education coaches meet the academic and environmental needs of a student with ASD in order to avoid or manage a meltdown during the training sessions. The physical education coaches will be able to a define, anticipate, and manage a meltdown after the completion of this workshop. They will be guided through a range of precursor behaviours, triggers, meltdown prevention and management and strategies, and by the end they will be able to safely demonstrate the aforementioned skills.

    The aim of this module is to provide Trainers with an understanding of what Virtual Reality is and explain the differences between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. The module aims to ensure Trainers can understand the opportunities the technology offers but also its limitations. In addition, the module aims to teach Trainers to recognise the relevant VR equipment and to present some VR application examples.